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Mediavision Production Srl
was established in 1994 and due to the international composition of its personnel, rapidly developed into an important reference point for many foreign broadcasters coming to film in Italy and surrounding countries.


Vision Statement
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To provide a variety of services in the field of television production and media, and in addition to being innovative, creative and honest, provide a reliable and personal service to our clients.
Our “key point”
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Our key point is the experience we developed in 14 years working with international broadcasters in a variety of situations. We know how worldwide TV production works, we master technical and editorial requirements, This means no waste of time, no misunderstandings and no surprises.
TV and video works in Italy
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We are specialised in assisting networks, journalists and producers with their video projects in Italy and abroad. We offer technical support and a complete range of production services (journalistic assistance, production researches, desk services, logistics and arrangements, hunting location etc.). Mediavision producers and camera crews took part in the TV coverage of most relevant events in past 15 years, such as G8's in Italy, the war in Afghanistan or the Olympic Games of Athens.
Mediavision TV services
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We offer a wide range of production services and facilities for news, documentary, film and video productions - from research and ideas to filming and editing, all managed by our experienced producers and technitians. We are one stop high definition production house, we shoot and edit in HDCAM. NTSC equipment available.
Basic service list
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  • Pre-production and researches
  • Producers and Production Supervision
  • Location hunting
  • travelling arrangements
  • Interviews fixing
  • Filming permissions
  • Translation service
  • Fully Equipped HDCAM Camera Crews
  • HDCAM portable player
  • HDCAM portable editing pack (HDW2000 + JH3)
  • In house HD non linear editing on MacPro
  • NTSC cameras and editing